Biography of Vittoretti

Born in 1971 in Paris.
Lives and works in Paris and Périgord (France).

After a great interest in the art of theatre and responsibilities within a large information group Vittoretti dedicates herself exclusively to painting since 2006. She has been building up her work ever since, entering the same year the Atelier Art Actuel gallery in the Paris region.

Vittoretti has taken part in around fifty exhibitions in various galleries and contemporary art fairs. Amongst others, let us mention the galleries: “La Louve” Belgium, “Les Infirmières” and “Métanoia” Paris.

The artist is permanently at L’Atelier Art Actuel and exhibits every summer in the Périgord since 2012 and in various salons: Metz, Bordeaux, Mulhouse, Lyon, Paris ……


Edition: Catalogue ” Cosmogonies ” and ” Pandora’s Boxes ” created by the AAA and La Louve galleries.
Participates in the “Bible de l’Art Abstrait”, a reference work published by Lelivredart (Paris).

Filmography: 2015, she participates in a film (25 mn, 2015)) titled “Vittoretti” directed by Guillaume Tossélo


From Pandora's box to the power of dreams

Vittoretti is a free electron of contemporary art, she operates at her own whim and emotion. With no other concern than her inspiration. Voluble, generous, with a great capacity for wonder despite the harshness of the times, the artist works, without respite, in her beautiful studio to find the “meditative state” that allowed her to “liberate colours” from her period known as Pandora’s Box.

Ten years of reflection and painting of a personal universe to which an abundant work testifies. In the artist’s exploded, astral and atomic production, there is a kind of intense and intimate culture broth, a creative whirlwind of deep emotions. A sort of private big-bang that is a call to life, to creation. An imperious invitation to the demanding act of painting. An imprescriptible call. If each period has its own style, each work has its chromatic depth and its emotional secret. At Vittoretti, we find ourselves de facto projected into a fairytale cosmos or a volcanic reverie.

The artist’s graphic and poetic onirism is nevertheless framed by a real rigour: a sensual, pulsating geometry. In the first place of her “great vertical humans”, as she likes to say nicely. Vittoretti, a young artist, with a decade of work behind her, opens today this moving time: the time of maturity. The end of a journey that leads her from darkness to light. A revelation gorged with energy “where forms are colours and colours are forms”.

Eyes wide open

Let’s open our eyes! The polychromic gush is prolix, audacious, initially from the eyes. But we must call for a more spiritual decoding to perceive its real significance: the unveiling/deployment of an “inner world”. Devotion. This embrace of the art of painting is a commitment of the being, a seizure of the pictorial space which now shines with a new radiance. A burst of writings, energies and enigmas. A lightening. Ten years of painting already, like a dawn heralding the decisive and vivacious years. Time has come and the works unfold in a sensitive calm: a beautiful balance of geometric tensions and chromatic flights of fancy are a hymn to life… With a brand new alphabet, unpublished cartographies, notebooks in Leporello: “You are the strength of your dreams” is the title of a recent work that gives general tone and impetus towards the future. And the artist confides in us with a smile: “I pushed the walls and built passages”.
Enough to catch your breath.

Expanding canvases

Today, Vittoretti tackles the unknown of the next decade of creation.

With a new horizon and a “new alphabet” to tell us the emotion of living. With an identical tangible spirituality, she shakes the meaning of the canvas – literally and figuratively – from psychic fragments, geometrising the chaos of the world in the measured space of the canvas. Between heaven and earth. It fuses, it merges, it gravitates, it twirls, it goes fast, it electrifies, it “Vittorettises”! Anchored in a fruitful decade of work, the current work is in its expansive phase.

For if Vittoretti’s painting remains meditative and spiritual, it is more than ever direct poetry, infinite chromatic play, alchemy of forms and path to inner peace. An invigorating, vital work. In a word, Vittorettian. That is to say, full of future.

Antoine Campo